2018 Crim Collectible Bracelet

Type: 2018 Crim Collectibles
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2018 Stackable Crim Bracelet - available in white or yellow


The Crim Fitness Foundation has teamed up with Gaines Jewelers to offer an exquisite 2018 Crim Angelica Charm Bracelet. This year the popular stackable bangle bracelets sport a blue enamel surround on the Crim “Running Man” medallion with the year on the opposite side.  These bracelets are a wonderful complement to the very popular Alex and Ani bracelet.  Add this 2018 bracelet to your 2017 edition bracelet to commemorate each year you run the race. These collectible, limited edition bracelets make wonderful gifts–or are a perfect way to celebrate your Crim achievements every time you put them on! 


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