Create a Mindful Community with the Crim Fitness Foundation 


Discover how you can develop a Personal Mindfulness Practice with our Crim Mindfulness Team with an optional additional session of how you can begin to share mindfulness with youth. 


Date: May 18, 2018

Session 1 Time: 9am- 2pm   

Session 2 Time: 2pm- 4pm 

Location: To Be Announced 


Session 1:Develop a Personal Mindfulness Practice

Community members and educators are invited to build a basic understanding of mindfulness and how to create a personal mindfulness practice. From experiential workshops, participants emerge with the tools necessary to begin or strengthen your personal mindfulness practice to help deal with stress in healthy, productive ways. Please wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing as we will be practicing mindful movement together as well.    



Session 2: Sharing Mindfulness with Youth 

Begin to explore how you can create a mindful home with your family. Learn how you can share mindfulness with youth in this optional 2 Hour Workshop. This will be a fun way to share ideas and discuss how we can engage youth with mindfulness practices. This discussion will be great for anyone who is interested in sharing mindfulness practices with children. This session is an introduction to our Sharing Mindfulness in the Classrooms Workshop, which is scheduled for a future date. Please register for that event seperately if you would like to attend that workshop as well.



Lunch will be provided during the first session. Please bring along any additional snacks or water bottles for your personal wellbeing as needed. 




The Mindfulness Team at the Crim Fitness Foundation is currently able to provide free training for Flint Community School educators, parents, and volunteers from the 10 partner schools in Flushing, Carman-Ainsworth, Westwood Heights, and Mt. Morris School districts


If you are interested in this training, but are not an educator, parent or volunteer with one of the above listed schools, there is the option to pay a fee of $100 for this training (for both sessions). If you have questions regarding if you will need to pay for this training, please send us an email at: We would be happy to explore how to add additional trainings in the future.




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