Create a Mindful Community with the Crim Fitness Foundation 

Learn how to create a mindful classroom with your students. 

Location: TBA


Sharing Mindfulness Practices with Students 

December 7th, 2018

10am- 4pm 

Community members and educators are invited to come together to learn and understand how to create mindful classrooms. We encourage teachers from Pre-K to High School to join us in creating a mindful culture in every Flint Community School and surrounding districts.


Lunch will be provided.



The Mindfulness Team at the Crim Fitness Foundation is currently able to provide free training for Flint Community School educators, parents, and volunteers from the 10 partner schools in Flushing, Carman-Ainsworth, Westwood Heights, and Mt. Morris School districts


If you are interested in this training, but are not an educator, parent or volunteer with one of the above listed schools, there is the option to pay a fee of $100 for this training. If you have questions regarding if you will need to pay for this training, please send us an email at: We would be happy to assist you. 




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